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About the Artist

Hi there, welcome to Feather Tree shop. I am very glad you have found us!

My name is Kimberly Anne Sellon.

For the last 27 years I have been traveling and doing Renaissance Festivals selling my artwork and painting henna body art. During my travels I met my husband and eventually we discovered the quiet and beautiful Mimbres Valley in Southern New Mexico. Here we have settled and created our art studios.

Blades of Grass
Kim Sellon

Out here in New Mexico I spend my days being in awe of being able to bring my imaginings to life. I’ve been creating beautiful soft leather bags and accessories since my teenage years. I construct and create beautiful, wearable, and usable leather bags and belts of all sizes and shapes. The leather has always spoken to me. Many of my bag designs come from the leather telling me what it wants to be. I've learned to listen well over the years.  

I always knew I wanted to paint; I just couldn't wrap my mind around painting on canvas or paper. It just didn't feel right to me. When the idea of painting on silk came into my life, everything just clicked and it felt like coming home. I feel so grateful to have discovered this amazing way to express myself.  

May all the beauty offered here in my Silks and Leather collections add color to your world!

-Kimberly A Sellon

About the Art

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