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Silk FAQs


How long does it take to create a silk from start to finish?


I get this question a lot! The answer to this varies from silk to silk… Depending on the size and image and intricacies of detail. Every art silk is stretched on a rack wet down to be prepped then allowed to dry. Then the drawing begins… Depending on the piece that takes 5 minutes or 3 days… Once the drawing is done and has dried then the painting begins, this can take minutes or days depending on the art. When a piece is considered “finished on the rack” we may take a few photos so that we are able to print the piece later and sell as paper wall art. Every silk is rolled into a paper roll to be steamed for 3 hours in our steamer. Once it comes out of the steaming it is then hand washed to wash away any excess dye. It is then hung to dry and then ironed.  That is how long it takes to create the Silks you see here. Lol thanks for sticking with me to the end.

Do you accept custom orders?


At this time we are not accepting custom orders, thank you.

How do I care for my new silk?

Our silks are hand dyed and hand painted and steam set. Therefore washable and wearable. Always wash by Hand, separate, and in cold water. Because they are hand dyed they may bleed just a little over time. This does not fade the color. Hang to dry and Iron on low heat.

Each silk comes with a care instructions card.


Painting art on silk has been my absolute passion these last 10 years. During that time I have learned so much. Art seems to have a life of its own sometimes.
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