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Leather FAQs



Do you do custom leather work?


At this time we are not accepting custom orders, thank you.


How do I care for my leather bag?


Caring for your new leather item is easy.

Keep it soft and supple by using a leather conditioner (this will darken your leather for a time).  Spills and spots can sometimes be removed with a baby wipe.  You may clean it with a made-for-leather cleanser.

How do I keep my bag safe in storage?

IF you have just cleaned your bag, allow it to air dry completely before storage. Store your leather bag in a dust bag or a natural- fabric pillow case. You can stuff the bag with bubble wrap to help hold its shape. You can wrap any metal parts in tissue paper. If you are storing long-term, ease open any buckles and untie any unwanted knots so as to avoid any unwanted impressions in the soft leather. This helps to avoid creases and marks.

Each and every leather bag is a unique and singular work of art.
I am inspired by the shapes of the skins and their ragged edges. The leather quite often tells me what shape it wants to take.
I find that making a bag is very like meditation for me.
For years now I've been creating leather bags for the public.  In recent months my desire to stop doing production and only make what I am Inspired to create has become my new goal.
I hope you will love what you see here, thank you for being inspired to take the time to see us here.


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